ATV Game Loaders Add Video

A game loader is an extremely invaluable tool to add to your hunting arsenal. We carry two different styles of game loader, and many different types of mounting brackets, depending on your vehicle make and model. The Tilt-N-Tote Game Loader is wonderfully useful, and has a load capacity of a whopping 250 pounds! It mounts easily to the front or back rack of your ATV, though front mounting is recommended. We also carry an adapter that allows this loader to be attached to a truck. To use, simply unhook the included wench, and slide out the telescoping arm, which automatically locks into place. Then all you have to do is lift it up, tie the strap around your game, and wench it so it is even with the loader. Flip it back horizontal, strap ‘er down, and you are loaded! *Psst! Once the animal is loaded in either position, you can even use this product to field-dress your game! If you want all the lift without ANY of the labor, we still have an option for you! The ATV Power Loader is a top seller, and it takes care of all the work for you.

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