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*SLINGSAVER*: BACK PACK SHOULDER STRAP GUN SLING RESTRAINT DEVICE- *SLINGSAVER helps make your hunt more focused on hunting and less focused on struggling to keep your rifle on your shoulder when wearing a backpack *Quick silent access to your firearm- *Quickly remove or install the SLINGSAVER in seconds with the hook and loop strap that attaches back to itself- *No permanent snaps or clips remaining on your pack strap- *Functions in all types of weather and temperature ranges- *Easily modified for your equipment- *Can be attached with the hook facing outward to carry your firearm across your pack keeping the gun sling from digging into your neck- *More than one slingsaver can be attached to the same pack strap for more restraint in very rough terrain- *2 SLINGSAVER units can be attached with the hook facing outward far back on your pack straps to carry your binoculars or camera taking 100% of the weight off your neck and onto your pack straps- *Full instructions come with each SLINGSAVER ordered

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