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Moose Calling and Huntind

Now available on CD . For sale by the producer Michel Grenier To learn the most effective calls in 10 minutes ! On this 2 CD Album you'll find two discs. The first CD is a Word document of Paul Grenier's famous book : " Moose calling and hunting ". Preface ... Foreword ... The Moose ... The Horn ... How To Call The Moose ... The Moose Calls ... - Male Calls ... Female Calls ...How To Hunt In The Morning ... The Tracks ... Tracking ...How To Know If The Moose Is Mortally Wounded ... How To Gut The Moose ...How To Know If The Meat Is Good ... How To Keep The Meat ... How To Portage A Moose ... How To Pull A Moose On Water ... Advice To Beginners ... How To Know When The Moose Resting Days Fall ... Some Other Secrets ... Groups Of Moose ... How To Bring A Group Closer ... The Weather ...Forest Protection ... The Firearms ... The Guide And You ... Buck Fever ... For The Cook ... Between Ourselves This book, describe step by step hunting techniques as it happens in the wild, using very effective methods, and the close garded secrets of hunting experts such as Paul Grenier and Georges Gruenefeld. You can read them easily with your computer and even print it if you want for your personnal use. On the second CD, you'll find the recording of all the calls used to attract moose , both males and females. You can listen to this second CD in any player. You will be able to practice the calls with those most recognized experts. Moose calls ( female ) ; no 1 : the short call no 2 mating call no 3 : the call of the owl (bonding call. ) no 4 : « skill saw call ». no 5 : last call no 6 : the distress signal Answer male ; no 1 : muted answer no 2 : mating answer no 3 : young male no 4 : burping sound no 5 : blowing sound no 6 : the .22 rifle shot You thus have on this album, 2 products for the price of 1. only 20.00$ Free shipping and taxes included. Receive them in 5 days by mail : Email me for more info on how to pay. To know how to hunt moose .

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