Whitetails and their acute sense of smell top the list when it comes to olfactory's! The olfactory region in a Whitetail Deer’s brain is ten times larger than a human and they can smell one hundred thousand times better than us, their noses are better than a bloodhound! They live and die by their amazing noses, find food, sense danger, communicate with one another by sending messages via urinating over tarsal glands and rubbing the gland on top of their head next to their horns and who knows what else, I’m sure we haven’t discovered all there is to know about the whitetails secret pheromone language. Surely one thing I've learned about these amazing creatures while hunting them is at times they will doubt their eyes and ears but they will never ever doubt their nose. If they smell you it’s over and I mean over! The last thing you will see if anything is that all too familiar white flag jumping and hopping at light speed through the woods!