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Title Taking guns from honest men!
Posted By DJB
When are the ultra left wing yahoos going to realize that, it's not the honest law abiding men that are the problem its those who will never play by the rules that are! You may pass new gun legislations through but it only constricts the ones who are not a problem in the first place. Do you think that just because you passed a new law that the ones who break the laws anyway are magically going to start abiding by that particular one! Lets try and think logically for just a second I know for some of you thats alot to ask, but when are all of us not just some but all going to realize that you can only take guns away from an honest man! The crimanls don't give a rats ass flyin' Fuck about gun laws or any laws for that matter hence the fact that there given that splendid title (criminals)! New laws do not protect, but on the contrary they leave us vunerable, less protected, and more at the mercy of the rapist, murders and thiefs! How many more of those pieces of shit do think are going to come out of the wood work once they find out that all of the once armed and defenseable citisens are now unarmed and at the mercy of these cowards who will never give up their weapons, especially just because some dipshit politician in washington says so, they could care less! If all of those spineless cowards in Washington want to hop into a coliseum with a bunch of criminals packin' who knows what by all means let them, but I sures as heck don't, nor do I want my family to either! People have to have the abilty to atleast attempt to protect themselves, when seconds count the police are always minutes away! No offense to police officers, but if someone breaks into your home and the police have a three minute response time do think you're going to survive a life threatening situation if your defenseless! When are you people going to wake up and stop letting all of are basic freedoms granted to us by the bill of rights, for which many men throughout history payed the ultimate price for just dissipate into the thin air of non existence.
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