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Title Terrorism in Australian homes
Posted By DJB
Australians are being terrorised in their own homes every day. Our crime rate for car theft, home invasions, muggings, party rape, assault and hold-ups is amongst the highest in the world due to the soft approach on criminals. It has always amazed me how someone who robs a bank gets a higher sentence compared with the mongrel who robs a family home. Why do people who can least afford to be victimised get treated like they don't matter in the scale of things? Politicians and celebrities can afford to have paid protection and all hell breaks loose if one of them gets assaulted but poor old Joe Bloggs isn't even allowed to fight back unless he uses "reasonable force". We listen to the hype and drama of the media trying to make us scared of our own shadows. Do they want us to turn into a generation of whimps letting the criminal element walk all over us? Soon after the attempted hi-jack of a Qantas airline in June of 2003 Channel 9 sent an over anxious reporter to the airport to get a reaction to the story. The reporter shoved the microphone in front of the faces of three people in a flight queue eagerly asking them how they felt about flying in the light of what had just happened. The first woman looked at him with the disdain he justly deserved telling him that she wasn't the slightest bit concerned and that the recent hi-jack incident was an isolated incident that wasn't going to worry her. The next young man said something similar and the third man again answered the reporter in that cool Aussie way telling him that "Australians can handle themselves". I was so proud of these people not being swayed by the hype of the media and reacting to the reporter in a way that I and probably everyone else I know would have. The media loves to make mountains out of molehills forgetting that we face terror every day in our own homes. While we are inherently law abiding, I hope we never cease to be capable of dealing with situations as they arise despite a government who continually decreases our liberty with unfair rules and regulations and a justice system which works in favour of the criminal.
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