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Title Gun Laws
Posted By DJB
Is it me or is our second amendment rights fading away as fast as our hard earned tax dollars! We all have heard the old cliche guns don't kill people people kill people, well then why in the world is the government continually chipping away at our right to bear arms. Remember in the bible where it said Caine killed Able with a rock! What so the only gun owners will be the criminals leaving the rest of us law abiding citizens defenseless and at the mercy of all the rapist, theves, and murders! And don't even start telling me about how the police are going to be able to protect us, it takes ten to twenty minutes for a squad to respond to an incident in suburbia (unless its a DWI there handing out), I can only emagine how long it takes to reach a home in the country. Two minutes is to long to wait, especially if you have children! Not to mention the rise in these crimes due to the fact that the scum of this earth realizes that citizens can no longer possess a firearm or atleast one that could compete with what the scum bags will be using against us! Things have been working for two hundred years, only now that we have dimwits running this country is there a problem with these basic freedoms for which most of us who live in this great country, our anscestors have fought and some died for (let us not forget)! We fought for our freedom from a country because of the very same BS that there trying to enforce upon us now! WAKE UP America!
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