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Interesting question, espleiacly right now when I'
Interesting question, espleiacly right now when I'm trying to discourage my kindergarten students from making guns at the Lego centre. I think I'd include it, because it as part of their job (and kids do know that and that it helps them do their job of keeping us safe).
Assumptions: black bear, thick north woods, shots
Assumptions: black bear, thick north woods, shots anywhere from 50 yards out to 200 yards.Any deecnt deer rifle will do you just fine. I wouldn't go below .25 caliber, and if my assumption on maximum range is correct I'd avoid carbines firing pistol rounds such as .357 or .44 mag. Of course if you're sure any shot will be under 100 yards either of those would work fine.If your eyesight is excellent you can get away with open iron sights, otherwise go with a variable scope with a low range say a 2-7 or a 4 power fixed. It's just too easy to loose the target at close range with a high magnification scope.Recommendation: light weight short barrel bolt action rifle in .308 Win with 2 7 variable scope.And the story would be completely different were we talking grizzly or Alaskan brown bear. Then it would be .35 caliber or higher bolt gun or the Marlin guide lever action in .45-70.
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