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The Right Tree Stand For the Right Game by

Tree stands are also called deer stands as they are generally used for deer hunting in the US and Canada. These tree stands are elevated platforms on trees which may be open or closed. Hunters climb up the tree stands as it allows them to see the animals approaching and then shoot them. There may be too much vegetation and bushes at ground level and hence tree stands will give them a better view of the terrain.

Tree stands may have a rope ladder hanging from them so that the hunters can climb up easily. Ladder stands may also be used.  Very few types of hunting equipment can be taken to the tree stands.  A rope may be hanging which will allow the hunter to take the hunting equipment to the tree stand.  It is not advisable to carry the hunting equipment while climbing a tree stand.  The right method is to tie up the equipment with the rope, leave it on the ground, climb the tree stand and then pull up the equipment. Some of the different types of hunting equipment which a hunter can take up the tree stands include; hunting camouflage, seat pads and umbrellas in case it rains or if it is too hot, among others.

Deer hunting is quite a passion for many people who love adventure and sport.  In many cases it is the fondness for deer meat, called venison, which makes people go for hunting themselves so that they can have fresh deer meat. Hunters have to first find out the season for deer hunting. They have to train themselves for the hunt.  Rifles and pistols as well as bows are the hunting equipment which many choose for hunting. But they have to practice how to shoot, how to aim properly so that they do not wound the animal and allow it to go into the forest in that condition.

While going in for a hunt, hunters have to wear the proper hunting clothing.  Generally, orange color is preferred in many states.  Orange stands out among the trees and the foliage and this hunting dress makes a person visible to the other hunters, so that they do not shoot the hunter by mistake.  Hunters have to learn how to find their prey. Some hunters use dogs to sniff out the animals.  Generally most people study deer habits, their timings and they proceed for the kill. The tree stands are the most popular ones, which an average hunter goes for.  He has to get the proper permission for hunting and follow the rules and regulations which may vary from place to place.

A hunter can see the animals coming if he is on the tree stand.  The deer are very sensitive and they can sniff out a strange smell from a distance. Hence it makes sense if the hunter washes himself and his clothes properly with baking soda or some such chemical so that his body odor is not caught by the deer. In fact many people even use a deer smell to put them off track.

The deer are gentle animals that come out to feed for half an hour before sunrise and an half an hour after sunset. The hunter should find out the timings and the nature of the animals before he proceeds for the hunt.



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