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Deer hunting is quite an enthusiastic sport for many people.  In fact, hunting it is a passion for many people who love the outdoors.  Hunters love to plan what type of equipment to use, which hunting outfit to wear, and when to start hunting.  Some hunt for sport while others hunt to get fresh venison (deer’s meat) at their table.

The hunting season has to be found out first.  There should be plenty of deer, the weather should be right, the venue proper for the occasion, otherwise there would not be any enjoyment.  There are various methods of deer hunting.  Some may choose getting up on tree stands, which are at an elevation from the ground so that the hunter is able to see the prey arriving properly. Others may track their prey by finding out the foot marks, the trees where the animals rub their heads, areas where the deer have earmarked as their own by urinating and other such signs.  Still others may use dogs for finding out the prey.

Studies show that deer are most likely to be out from their hiding places half an hour before sunrise and half an hour after sunset.  This is when deer come out for food and water.

The hunting grounds are also very important.  Proper written permission has to be taken before you hunt otherwise you may be liable for prosecution.  You have to follow all the rules and regulations.  Different states, different countries have different rules and you have to study them before you venture out to hunt.

Also proper hunting equipment and proper hunting dress are necessary.  You may use rifles, bows, guns, or anything that is permitted by law. You should wear orange clothing so that it is visible to other hunters and they do not shoot you mistakenly.  When going hunting please do not forget your knife.  It is a very necessary part of hunting gear.  You may need a proper knife to mark up trees to guide you on your return.  You may need a knife for skinning the animal after you shoot it.  You may need a knife to cut off branches while you are scaling the tree stand.  You should not forget the knife.

Never shoot a moving animal.  It may run away and not die instantly and then it is not right to leave an injured animal in the jungle.  You should always remember to practice shooting your gun before you go out to hunt.  You should know how to hit a target accurately.  If you are not confident this year then you can always go in next year for deer shooting. Your hunting equipment should be proper; your dress should also be proper.

Deer are very sensitive to smell.  Hence, you should wash your clothes and your hunting equipment properly with baking soda to erase any smell so that the deer are not forewarned of your presence.  You can use deer scents as a perfume to confuse the animal. Deer hunting is a sport for passion and pleasure, so make sure you are using the right hunting equipment and wearing right the hunting clothes




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